100 Days of Self Compassion Journal - Rise and Redemption
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100 Days of Self Compassion Journal

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Our 100 Days Of journals have been designed to challenge you to use them every day, for 100 days, to create a habit and make positive changes in your life. The best part, it only takes 5 minutes a day! 100 Days of Self Compassion This journal has been designed to help you practice self love, but more importantly, self compassion. It can seem impossible to love ourselves all of the time, however this is not the same for showing kindness and compassion. It is so important to realise that our self-talk can have such a huge impact on our lives. it can affect our moods, confidence & even physical abilities. This journal has been specially designed to help you learn to become aware of how you speak to yourself, and practice swapping the negative self talk into a kind and caring voice. This journal includes: Something you love about yourself Daily affirmation practices A thought to let go of A kind and compassion thought to replace this An act of self love or self care

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