Book of Manifestation | Manifesting Gratitude Journal - Rise and Redemption
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Book of Manifestation | Manifesting Gratitude Journal

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Tap into your inner manifesting abilities with the Book of Manifestation. The Book of Manifestation is an intuitively handcrafted journal, designed with a powerful affirmation | mantra printed on the back cover. This mantra serves to remind you that the Universe of always conspiring in your favor and that anything is possible! The act of journaling can be a great source of inspiration, healing, and reflection. Journaling can be a powerful tool when used intentionally to help manifest the lives we desire. This gorgeous matte covered journal contains 75 lined blank pages which you can use to: Practice the art of scripting Use the 3,6,9 method Record your daily gratitude Some of the more practical benefits of journaling includes: Keep your thoughts organized.

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