Bye Bye Dry Organic Bath Soak (8 oz) - Rise and Redemption
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Bye Bye Dry Organic Bath Soak (8 oz)

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This anti-aging formula will leave you soft and glowing by removing dead skin cells and replenishing moisture. Naturally anti-inflammatory coconut milk powder, exfoliating epsom salt, soothing colloidal oat, and raw honey and rose oil, which are both high in essential vitamins and essential enzymes, have been blended to create this comforting bath salt soak. -Ingredients: Epsom Salt, *Coconut Milk Powder, *Coconut Oil, *New Zealand Manuka Honey, *Collidal Oats, *Vanilla Oil, *Rose Oil, *Rose Pedals (*organic) -Biodegradable Eco-friendly Packaging.

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