Energy Clearing Kit With Aventurine, Sage + Palo Santo Spell - Rise and Redemption
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Energy Clearing Kit With Aventurine, Sage + Palo Santo

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This handmade kit features a healing collection of items to cleanse your space and connect to Earth’s natural vibrations! • CALIFORNIA WHITE SAGE Sage has been used for centuries as part of cleansing rituals that promote harmony, healing and wisdom. • AVENTURINE The “stone of opportunity” is said to be the luckiest of all, bringing good fortune as it manifests a renewed spirit of optimism and zest for life. • ABALONE SHELL This shimmering gift from Mother Earth's ocean has practical use in smudging rituals to catch hot cinders that fall from the smudging stick after it has burnt. • PALO SANTO STICK This "holy wood" is used in sacred plant spirit ceremonies where smoke of the lit sticks purifies surrounding energy. • WHITE CANDLE  for meditative ceremonies that calm the mind and summon truth. No native areas were disturbed while harvesting the ingredients used in these products.

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