Garnet Crystal Wish Bracelet - Rise and Redemption
MountInspire Ltd.

Garnet Crystal Wish Bracelet

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Handcrafted on the road traveling in our 1990 Motorhome!

~ Garnet Crystal Bead
~ Tan Natural Hemp Cord
~ MountInspire Graphic Designed Stone Inspiration Card
~ Brown Kraft Paper Packaging
~ Two Gold Glass Beads
~ Tie on Crystal Wish Bracelet
~ Minimalist Design
~ Each bracelet has a unique stone that is different in shape, color, and size :)

We use natural hemp cord as it is eco-friendly :) Since these are Wishing Bracelets, it's to be expected to naturally fall off over time, it's designed to do so. My personal bracelets typically last weeks-months. It all depends on the person wearing it.

Make a wish then tie it on your wrist!

We sell the original Crystal Wish Bracelet online! We are so happy you found us. This design was created over five years ago by us and we are so happy to share over 60 other styles and continue to add to our collection over time!

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