Healer Manifestation Jar Candle - Rise and Redemption
Midnight Raven Studios

Healer Manifestation Jar Candle

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Manifestation Jar Candles include herbs, crystals and a scent that represents the given Archetype. Each candle is 16 oz. and lightly scented with essential oils. Each candle is made with soy wax and a cotton wick. Healers are driven to help others and are extremely altruistic. They are often very warm and love to bring joy to those around them They can almost always put those around them in a good mood. Healers are extremely emotional, as they wear their heart on their sleeves. When they are bright and happy everyone knows it. When they are upset, however, it consumes them, their decisions and everyone around them. Healers are very emotional but also very warm, compassionate and caring. They live to heal.

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