Individual sized Dirt Bag Beauty Bath Soaks
Rise and Redemption

Individual sized Dirt Bag Beauty Bath Soaks

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One time use travel packs. organic, safe and natural ingredients 

a portion of every sale goes towards ending domestic violence, Dirt Bag Beauty was founded by a woman who herself was saved from a very violent past, and used her passion for organic bath products to fund her ability to rise above! 


CLOUD 9 Let your mind float away on Cloud 9. Luxurious bath soak designed to treat the skin and the senses.

MADAGASCAR Handpicked, indigenous, ingredients that cleanse and nourish the body.


PINK BEACH Rejuvenate your skin and let your mind drift away to the tropical tranquility of Pink Beach, the Bahamas.


BORA BORA Transform your bath into the beautiful azure waters of the Bora Bora lagoon. Soothing, aromatic & therapeutic.

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