Pop It Fidget Toys Kids Hello Kitty Clutch - Rise and Redemption

Pop It Fidget Toys Kids Hello Kitty Clutch

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This unique Fidget pop it wallet is easy to clean and can be used to pack some daily necessities. Pop Fidget Toy bursts like a reusable bubble film. Push the bubble to hear its popping sound! Once pressed, the bubble will appear on the other side, ready to pop again. The popular Pop Fidget Toy is very popular among Tik Tok users and social media influencers-it's so satisfying to be popular! There are various shapes and sizes to choose from. Sensory games: Playing with tactile and sensory toys can help release restless energy. Fidget toys are a self-regulating tool that helps to focus, concentrate, calm and actively listen (and they are very fun!) Play with your friends: The player who successfully forces the opponent to press the last bubble is the winner. Size: 14.5*12.5cm Material: Silicone

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