Sleep - Rise and Redemption
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In this highly digital, fast-paced world, getting a full night of restful sleep can become a problem for even the most mindful of us, and sometimes it becomes necessary to take a step back and recalibrate our sleep cycle. Sleep: A Day and Night Reflection Journal is a conscious tool to help you track and analyze your sleep cycles, giving you space to reflect and plan better ways to get better, deeper, and more consistent sleep. Designed as a 90-day support system, each daily spread includes a morning practice for analyzing how you slept and an evening practice for setting restful goals and unwinding from the day. Featuring delicate illustrations and a graceful, contemporary design, this 90-day journal is perfect for those trying to maintain a better sleep cycle and wake up feeling revitalized and energized. ● 90-DAY JOURNAL: Features day and night reflections for 90 days, allowing users to track sleep progress over the course of 3 months ● IDEAL SIZE: This 5.75 x 8.25–inch journal is the perfect size—big eno

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