The Unseen Emotions Oracle Deck: Reiki Infused + Guidebook - Rise and Redemption
Healing Not Broken

The Unseen Emotions Oracle Deck: Reiki Infused + Guidebook

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Includes: The Unseen Emotions Reiki Infused Deck plus a 53 page grounding technique guidebook!! These decks will be reiki infused for even more healing benefits. My goal for releasing this deck is to help others feel less alone in these types of unseen emotions. This deck is specifically for those going through a difficult time, healing through trauma, life changes and mental health. I created this deck while trying to process some really heavy emotions that I didn't know how to put into words, so I turned to art. These images may be a *trigger* if you are going through something difficult currently, I did pair this deck with a grounding technique guidebook to help during difficult times or when these big emotions come to the surface. *Some explicit language on 1 card*

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