Muslin Swaddle Baby Blanket - Tapestry Swaddle - Rise and Redemption
Mini Wander, LLC

Muslin Swaddle Baby Blanket - Tapestry Swaddle

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Tapestry Swaddle Blanket

Add charm and coziness to your baby's nursery with The Mini Wander's Tapestry swaddle.

A timeless pattern makes this lightweight swaddle stand the test of time

Textured lines and shapes displayed in a repetitive pattern encourage tranquil and reflective moments for your little bundle of joys. This design is a part of our collab with Clare Therese, who created unique patterns using carved lino and block printing.

* EASIER BEDTIMES, EVERY NIGHT - You don’t have to struggle every time a baby needs a nap. Without complex gadgets or weird tricks, swaddling lets you transform your little one into the sleepiest burrito, just using a lightweight, cozy blanket!

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